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Commissioning a new instrument – a guide for players (from The Strad Magazine)

Jeff Bollbach, luthier

Todd Coolman, Renowned Jazz Bassist and Director of Jazz Studies, Purchase College (SUNY) Conservatory of Music

International Society of Bassists

Double Bass Luthier Directory

Guild of American Luthiers

The Violin Society of America

Jeremy McCoy, Assistant Principal, Metropolitan Opera

Joseph Russo, Composer, educator and bass player

Volkan Orhon, Educator and bassist

Nick Lloyd, luthier

Dana L. Schnitzer, World class classical/operatic soprano

My friend and esteemed colleague,
Jeff Bollbach and I inspect a
bass way past its prime

On my recent trip to New Mexico, Dan Hachez and I spent a few quality hours together talking bass, wood, and tools. Dan is a truly talented and gracious person. His new shop is phenomenal, and Dan is blessed to be working full-time making beautiful instruments.


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