Panormo School (London), c. mid 1800s, 4/4 size, 42” (106.7cm) string length, chromatic C extension, recent in-house restoration. $Price on Request.

Wm Tarr, Manchester (England),1829. Full-sized flat back, 41 1/2” (105.4cm) string length, chromatic C extension. $Price on request.

Tarantino, (Italy), 1983.Round back, large 3/4 size.
41 3/4" (106cm.) string length. Currently undergoing
repairs and modifications. $SOLD.

Matthew Tucker (Australia), 2015,Tasmanian Blackwood,
Sitka Spruce, Ebony. 41” (104.14cm) string length,
Extended fingerboard - F, Removable neck. $25,000


Inventory changes regularly. Please inquire by phone or e-mail about availability of these and other fine basses and bows.


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